Please join us in raising funds for Gas Free Seneca (www.gasfreeseneca.com), a group of concerned citizens who have joined together to stop a company (Crestwood Corporation) with plans to store toxic chemicals in unstable salt caverns on the shores of Seneca Lake.  These chemicals are linked to the hydofracking industry and present innumerable risks to the safety, water , way of life, and livelihoods of people living in the Finger Lakes region.   All proceeds will go toward legal expenses direly needed to keep up with the ongoing pursuit to keep Crestwood from being able to follow through with its plans.

We are asking that people donate money and/or their yoga practice by joining us in an event on the Summer Solstice in which we will do 108 Sun Salutations in a row.  Participants may challenge themselves to complete all 108 salutations or choose the number of rounds with which they feel comfortable, or sponsor others.

108 Sun Salutations (“Surya Namaskars” in Sanskrit) is a series of 12 simple yoga postures performed in a sequence while facing the Sun.  The salutations will be performed in unison in a mandala formation of concentric circles to the accompaniment of the chanting of a Sanskrit mantra called The Gayatri, a traditional prayer which invokes the beneficial properties of the sun.

Here are some ways you could choose to participate in this unique event:

1.  Challenge yourself to do up to 108 Sun Salutations in a row and find one or more people to sponsor you with the goal of raising $108!  Do so by becoming a Champion of this Campaign using this website and then reaching out to your friends.  See the “Be a Champion” button above.  But first…

  • Click here to see a Toolkit on how to ”Become a Champion of an Existing Campaign”.  The whole process may take a few minutes to set up but once you’re set you’ll be able to easily seek donations.    (Note that it could take up to 24 hours for your Championship to be approved via email by the Peaksmaker website.  Please email us at 108salutes@gmail.com if you run into problems.)

2. Challenge yourself to do up to 108 Sun Salutations in a row and donate funds yourself.  You decide how much but $108 would be welcome if possible.  Do so by Donating to this Campaign using this website (see Contribute button) or pay by cash or check on the day of.

Make checks payable to: Sustainable Markets Foundation and put Gas Free Seneca in the memo line.
Bring checks to the event or send to: Astrid Jirka at 940 EAst Shore Drive, Ithaca, NY  14850

3. You do not need to do any Sun Salutations to come to the event.  All are welcome to come to witness the practice, chant along and/or join us for the Potluck Picnic.  If you are able to Contribute funds, please do so via this website or simply come to the event to make a donation by cash or check.

4. Sponsor someone else to do 108 Sun Salutations!  Click on the Champion you’d like to sponsor.

5. Contact us at 108salutes@gmail.com to find out other needs regarding volunteering for the event.

OUR GOAL: 108 people times $108 = $11,664.00!

To learn the Sun Salutation and/or hear the mantra that will be used at this event, please to go:  http://www.suryanamaskarforworldpeace.org/surya-mandala.html


108 Sun Salutations on the Summer Solstice followed by a Yoga Community Potluck Picnic

Saturday June 20th, 2015, 11-2pm

Taughannock State Park, Central Pavillion


QUESTIONS? Please email: 108salutes@gmail.com

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$2,767 raised
$11664 goal

Trumansburg, NY
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